The Real Deal On Safe Sunscreen

I’ve recently had a few people who are near and dear to me experience some major health issues. Cancer. Autoimmune disease.  And the thing is, they aren’t older people. I mean, they’re young- in their 30’s and 40’s and dealing with some big things that we typically only think of as being diseases acquired later in life. What’s going on? Why are so many people, young and old, succumbing to diseases that you hardly ever heard of just a few decades ago?

Researchers now know that environmental triggers (toxins) are a major player in the development of autoimmune disease, cancer, and hormonal imbalances. One major source of toxins comes from the chemicals we put on our bodies on a daily basis in the form of cosmetics, soaps, lotions and other body care products.  This area of toxins is so insidious because we don’t often don’t recognize the danger- until it’s too late. Unfortunately, toxic chemicals can build up in the body for years before symptoms develop. Because we’ve used the same toxic products for many years before the damage was obvious, many people don’t make the connection between what they are putting ON their body and what’s happening IN their body.  Carefully plotted marketing campaigns by manufacturers only reinforce the idea that these products are safe, wholesome and healthy- when too often the truth is they are anything but.

Last week, we examined the dangers of using sunscreen- how sunscreen blocks the UVB rays that our bodies need to synthesize Vitamin D while doing little to keep the deeply penetrating UVA rays from causing damage at the cellular level.  Yikes!

It’s always best to get just enough sun on your skin each day to boost Vitamin D levels, but not so much that you start to burn (your body’s signal of damage!)  That being said- it’s SUMMER!!! The lake, the pool, ball games, picnics- I don’t want you missing out on any summer fun, my friend!

When it’s time to head out for a day in the sun, don’t forget to grab the sunscreen. Just make sure it’s safe sunscreen.  The best sunscreens use zinc oxide as a physical sunblock.

Safe sunscreen doesn’t use chemicals like benzones (an endocrine dispruptor) to create sun protection, or filler ingredients like parabens (linked to cancer, also disrupts hormones). Sadly, most sunscreens at your local market are filled with toxic junk like the ones mentioned, and more.

What’s a sun-loving, toxic-avoiding girl to do? Let’s make this easy. Below you’ll find my top 3 picks for safe, zinc oxide based sunscreens that you can feel good about slathering on when you head into the sun. These companies only use the safest ingredients to protect your skin!

My Top 3 choices for Safe Sunscreen

BeautyCounter Sunscreen- comes in a tube, or a stick and uses only safe ingredients. You can order BC Sunscreen Here

ThinkSport- Find it Here or at your local natural foods store

Badger Sunscreen- you easily find Badger products at your local natural foods store or online here

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