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My AIP Journey- Day 14

Day 14 Breakfast– Leftover chicken and veggie soup. There wasn’t a lot left so a few hours later I made a pumpkin smoothie. Felt like I was having a lot of “liquids and was ready for something more substantial. Lunch- I chopped up a sweet potato and made hashbrowns in the skillet, which I topped […]

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My AIP Journey- Day 3

Despite not sleeping all that well, I woke up at 6 a.m., ready to start my day! I am telling you, pot roast is like a magic elixir! And guess what? There were leftovers for breakfast. 🙂 Day 3- January 3, 2015 Breakfast- I made my dee-licious healing soup this morning for breakfast from the […]

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My AIP Journey – Day 1

Happy New Year! Even though I’ve started the AIP diet in the past, I didn’t stick with it long enough to actually affect healing, due to some extenuating circumstances. I’ve decided this is the year to finally bite the bullet and do it! I’m going to be recording my progress and what Day One- Breakfast- […]

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