Relax!! My Top 10 Ways to Get Your Chill On

RelaxSumma, Summa, Summa-time! Sit back and relax! Sit back and unwind!   – The Fresh Prince

Ah, summer. Nothing beats slapping on a pair of flip flops and your tankini and heading to the pool for some fun in the sun, in my humble opinion.  Just a few weeks ago we headed to the lake for a little paddle-boating fun and a picnic by the water.

While the foul-mouthed, marijuana smoking peeps paddle boating near us put a bit of a damper on the boating fun (true story), we still had a great time and my little people are asking when we can do it all again. (Soon, I promise!) As for me, the chance to enjoy the peacefulness of the lake, soak up some Vitamin D boosting sunshine and enjoy my family was so energizing yet relaxing!

The beauty of summer is in the chance to relax, unwind and enjoy nature as much as possible.  Although August still lands squarely in the midst of summer, most of us start to think ahead when the calendar leaves July behind. School starts soon (we are going to start our homeschool routine next week! Next Week, people!!)  and then it seems like the holidays aren’t that far behind-  yikes!

Relaxation and self-care are a HUGE component of staying healthy that many of us tend to overlook (especially us mommas).  Before the busy-ness of fall kicks in, I want to challenge you to take some time to nurture yourself, relax, reflect and enjoy! Check out my top 10 ways to practice some self-care and hike your feel-good hormones into high gear!

My Top 10 Ways to Get Relaxed and Energized Fast

  1. Detox baths- toss a cup of Epsom salts in the tub along with a few drops of lavender essential oils and take 20 minutes to soak, unwind and decompress at the end of the day!
  2. Craft an energizing morning routine- This is one of my absolute favorite ways to get my mind into a relaxed yet energized state for the day.  My days go so much smoother when I spend some time focusing, reflecting and stretching before my day gets crazy-busy.
  3. Use essential oils– Oils have an amazing ability to affect the psyche, calming, relaxing and invigorating us all at once. Right now my favorite diffuser blend includes 3 drops each of cypress, lime and wild orange. Citrus oils are especially known for being uplifting and energizing!
  4. Exercise- Take a walk outdoors. Research has shown walking in nature has a positive effect on our health and well-being.
  5. Read an uplifting book– I’m always amazed at the power of the written word to encourage me and impart wisdom. I make sure to read something inspiring and thought provoking daily.
  6. Get some sun– and some earth! I’ve already harped on the benefits of soaking up some rays for a healthy body and mind. Getting close to the earth also has a positive effect on our health. Grounding is the practicing of touching our bare feet to the earth in order to soak up energy from the earth itself.
  7. Nurture positive relationships- Give your spouse a hug, read your kids a book, take a walk with your bestie- Connecting with loved ones is good for the soul and body!
  8. Breathe- Dealing with a particularly stressful situation? Take a few moments to close your eyes and focus on your breathing- slow deep breaths will have you feeling calm and centered in no time!
  9. Dance- And do it like no one’s watching! I look turning on some fun tunes and letting loose with my kiddos. Right now we are loving this Minions Remix Banana song- just TRY not dancing to it!
  10. Prayer- There’s nothing like talking to the One who knows how to solve all your problems to take the weight off your shoulders. Don’t let stress and overwhelm get the best of you- go to the Father and find out his plan for how to deal with your daily trials!

Know of some great ways to relax and stay centered! I’d love to hear them so tell me all about it in the comments!




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