One Characteristic of Highly Successful People

I want to let you in on a little inside information that all the highly successful movers and shakers of this world already know. Highly successful people are lifelong learners. Specifically, they are readers. They are constantly challenging themselves to learn more and expand their minds through new ideas.


At the beginning of this year I made a list of 12 books I want to read that will cause me to grow as a person and stretch myself to be more. In fact, I make it one of my daily habits to read something every day that  will enlarge my thinking and inspire me.  Read on to find out what books are on my list for 2015.


My 2015 Reading List

1. Living Well, Spending Less (Ruth Soukup) -already finished this one! Review has been posted!

2.  48 Days to the Work You Love (Dan Miller)Untitled

3.  See You at the Top (Zig Ziglar)

4.  Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits (Joyce Meyer)

5.  The Success Principles (Jack Canfield)

6.  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families (Stephen R. Covey)

7.  Women Living Well (Courtney Joseph)

8.  Imagine Big (Terri Savelle Foy)- I’ve already read this one..several times. It’s one of the most life changing books I’ve ever read so I’m rereading it.

9.  The Favor of God (Jerry Savelle)

10.  Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode (Crystal Paine)

11.  The Everyday Visionary (Jesse Duplantis)

12.  Hmmm… I haven’t decided yet. Please post your suggestions in the comments!


I’ll actually read a lot more books than 12 this year, but these are the top 12 I want to make sure I take time for this year.  Do you have a reading list? Please comment below and tell me what’s on it! If you don’t have a reading list, I encourage you to start one, even if you just pick one book that will encourage you to grow as a person, as a parent, an employee, or whatever area you want to stretch yourself in. Maybe pick one from this list!

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