October Reset Challenge

Is it time for a Reset?

Girl. You know how it is. Life gets busy. You forget to take your vitamins. You grab takeout because you're too tired to cook.  You've been dairy free for a while, but suddenly cheese is too much to resist.

And that's when you start to notice it.  You're tired. You're thinking is foggy.  You're yelling at your kids and snapping at your spouse more than you should. And exercise? Well... does taking the trashcan to the curb count?

I get it. In fact, I'm totally ready for a reset myself! So why don't we do this thing together (research proves that accountability and community are huge predictors of success.)

Check out the details of the Fall Reset below:

Details of the Fall Reset:

For the month of October, let's do a reset so we can head into the holidays feeling amazing and looking our best- and slide right into 2018 already on top of our game!  Here's how the reset works:

  • We will be following the Wahls Paleo Protocol, a modified version of the Paleo diet. Be sure to get the book The Wahls Protocol book so you can get all the details.  We will be reading the book together through the month of October so be sure you grab this one- it's a must read! See below for a downloadable guide to the diet. (Tip: Check it out at the library if you don't want to spring for your own copy right now.)
  • The Wahl's Protocol: Cooking for Life is a recipe book based on the Wahls Protocol. I highly recommend this cookbook full of delicious recipes to help you get started on the protocol. (Optional but highly recommended.)
  • Watch Dr. Terry Wahls' TEDx Talk on YouTube to hear her motivating story on overcoming a serious autoimmune disease with the power of real food. Click here to check it out.
  • Join the Vibrant Moms Facebook group- We'll be doing check ins and book club meetings every week as we work through the Wahl's Protocol book and the plan together! (squee! I'm super excited!)
  • Download Your Personal Printable Action Plan below and hang it on your fridge so you can keep your Personal Reset Plan front and center! (There is also an example action plan you can take a peek at to get an idea of how to use the plan printable).

Your Personal Printable Action Plan

Example Action Plan