My Goals for 2015

photo-1416862291207-4ca732144d83I thought I would share a few of my goals for the New Year with y’all.

  1. Begin (and finish) the Paleo autoimmune Protocol (AIP) to heal leaky gut and halt autoimmune thyroid issues.   This is probably my biggest goal for the new year. I Notice a significant improvement in the way I feel when I kick gluten, dairy and processed foods to the curb. Unfortunately, I’ve had trouble being consistent. Because these poor choices are wreaking havoc on my immune system, this is the year I am going to see the AIP through until healing is complete!
  2. Create an awesome blog about my journey to healing with real food and finally embracing life in all its fullness! As you can see, I’ve already got a start on this one! I hope you will find encouragement here to embrace not only a real food diet but the best in every area of life.
  3. Increase our household income in order to afford a real food lifestyle. Being a stay at home mom is awesome. But it doesn’t exactly pay the bills if you know what I mean. Im thankful for the opportunity to be so involved in my kids’ lives but I would also love to increase our income so we can more easily afford to eat real food-grass fed beef, raw milk, organi.c fruits and veggies. I have a few different ideas in the works for this, including a home based business.

What at are some of the goals you will be working towards in the New Year? I would love to hear about them!

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