My AIP Journey- What I’m Eating Now

oMRKkMc4RSq7N91OZl0O_IMG_8309So, when I started this blog a wee, short, few months ago, I intended to share with you my daily meal plans for the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol. Unfortunately, between figuring out the whole blogging thing (what the heck are plug ins? RSS feed?!? widgets! Thanks goodness for the “For Dummies” series. Oh, and YouTube), and just life in general, that plan quickly fell by the wayside.  I obviously haven’t kept up a day to day running of my diet, which I also found was quickly getting boring, at least for me. I plan to do some general updates of my AIP diet, but I won’t try to bore you with the minute details.  I still want to post some updates, however, for encouragement for those who are following the diet and hopefully those who aren’t can still find some inspiration for healthy meals.

AIP Struggles

So, for my update- I’ve been quite the slacker the last few weeks. I’ve snuck in some cheats- a little dairy here, some popcorn there. I broke down and bought some Sunbutter. Fun fact about me- I’m addicted to Sunbutter. It’s. so. good. Except for the part where I end up with fatigue, joint pain, mouth sores, blah, blah, blah.  (Just to be clear, in case you’re reading this and think I’m just trying some extreme diet, I want to remind you that the Autoimmune Protocol is meant to heal the gut, put a stop to the rampant inflammation going on in the body and hopefully halt the autoimmune process. Once healing is achieved, certain foods can be added back in. You can read more about the autoimmune protocol here.

Where was I? Oh yes, my AIP fail- I forgot to mention chocolate. I love it even more than Sunbutter. But put them together and you have heaven. Seriously. (Hey! It was Valentine’s Day!) So, I’m all about getting back on track and keeping things moving forward. I’ve been careful to avoid gluten, which I do mainly by avoiding processed foods. I think I might have accidentally ingested some in some rice based cereal. Sometimes I will pick up some rice Chex just for something sweet (rice is the one grain I eat in moderation). Unfortunately I picked up an off brand that I don’t normally buy and got to thinking about how I hadn’t checked the label-sure enough “malt” something-or-other was on the label- a source of gluten- that would explain why I feel like a zombie today!  In case you didn’t notice the theme there, sugar cravings are getting me down. It is definitely my Achilles heel. I find myself really craving something sweet in the afternoon and haven’t been real good about having a plan for that. I decided I need a plan for when the craving for something sweet hits, but I don’t want to reach for the wrong things. Yes, Sunbutter and chocolate, I’m talking about you. I have a few ideas in mind so I will do a post about sweet treats that don’t totally break the nutritional bank.

On the up side- I whipped up a delicious veggie stir fry with ground beef and spaghetti squash (and olive oil) for lunch today. Loved it. I always feel so much better when I am eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding processed foods.

Also, since the last time I posted, I made the De-Lis-cious “Cheesy” Chicken casserole from Lauren at Empowered Sustenance (one of my favorite blogs). I don’t care if you are eating paleo or not, you have got to get over there and try it! I’m so excited about it, I just shared it with one of my friends who recently went gluten free! It’s da bomb! 🙂 Try it and come back and tell me what you think!

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