My AIP Journey- Day 7, 8, and 9!

WoMRKkMc4RSq7N91OZl0O_IMG_8309hy 3 days in a row? Well… there’s been a little excitement around here! My sister had a baby boy on January 7th! It was awesome, exciting, amazing…and exhausting. Yes, I’m talking about for me. 🙂 I got a call at about 1:20 a.m. Tuesday night (I guess I should say Wednesday morning).  I jumped in the car (with three kids) and headed to the city where she lives (an hour away). (Also- sorry for all the parenthesis).  But not before I packed some groceries to take so I could stay on my AIP Journey! I guess I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry because my sweet nephew, Chael Anthony, didn’t arrive until a little after noon.

Day 7- January 7, 2015

Breakfast- Being up for hours waiting for baby to make an appearance definitely made me hungry. I wasn’t sure I was going to get breakfast, but sis took a good ole epidural and she had a little time to gather her strength. I figured that was my chance, so I headed down to the cafeteria, a little apprehensive to see whether or not I would find anything AIP friendly or not. Thankfully, there was a yogurt bar full of all kinds of fresh fruit, so I skipped the yogurt and filled my bowl with pineapple, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Next, I perused the buffet and found some sausages that looked pretty good.  No promises they were gluten free, but I was ravenous and so I took my chances.

Lunch- Like I said, baby showed up shortly after noon, and of course we all had to ooh and ahh over how cute he was, so it was about two o’clock before I could get back over to my mom’s for lunch.  My mom made me about ten strips of  bacon. I crumbled it up and used it to top a baked sweet potato.  Yes, there were probably ten pieces of bacon. I was starving. Drizzle with olive oil. Devour.

Dinner- I honestly can’t remember what I had for dinner! Ha! I think I had some spaghetti squash topped with chopped cooked chicken. Not Positive. Exhaustion had definitely set in by this time.


Day 8- January 8, 2015

Breakfast- The next day I woke up exhausted (Listen to me, I sound like I’m the one who had a baby! Ha!) Being up half the night and all day wore me out. I munched on some deli roast beef I brought from home, wrapped up with some onion, spinach leaves and spicy mustard.

Lunch- I scrounged around my moms house and found a can of salmon.  I used it to make a salad with some rainbow chard, onions and carrots I found in the fridge. I made a dressing of olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

Dinner- My step dad made spaghetti for everyone. I sneaked out some of the hamburger before he added the spaghetti sauce and I put in on some spaghetti squash I had brought with me. Seasoned with salt, pepper, cilantro and parsley flakes, and topped with more olive oil, it was actually pretty good. I think I had added some chopped spinach too.

Unfortunately, I had a little slip up in the evening. There were some chocolate kisses at my moms that were calling my name- and I caved. I had three. They were good and I decided not to beat myself up over it. I think the busyness, the exhaustion and the temptation taken all together got the best of me, but I did show some restraint.  For those who are following along and aren’t doing the AIP, you may think it seems a little over the top to flip over three chocolate kisses, but this isn’t a weight loss diet. It’s really important to be strict on an elimination diet in order to heal. Remember, this diet isn’t permanent. The idea is to be able to add back in foods that are causing a reaction once the gut is healed.

Day 9- January 9, 2015

Breakfast- We were still staying at my mom’s out of town, and my options were getting limited.  I decided to make sweet potato hash browns with a sweet potato I brought from home. These were so good! I don’t make these alot because it’s kind of time consuming, but it’s an awesome way to make sweet potatoes. They’re crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Mmm.. I topped them with some coconut oil.

Lunch- We spent some time with my sister and the new baby before heading home.  My mom was working but wanted to meet up with us for lunch so I took the kiddos and we met my mom and step-dad for Chinese food. I drank tea. Lots of tea. Which I know isn’t a great idea on the AIP, but if you’re going to sit and watch everyone eat Chinese food for an hour, you gotta have something. Actually, it wasn’t too bad, since I wasn’t terribly hungry. When we left the restaurant I headed back to my moms and threw together another salad with salmon, veggies, and oil and vinegar.

Dinner- I had some stew meat in the fridge I had been planning to use before we got called away in the middle of the night. I called my husband in the morning and had him throw it in the crockpot with some onions, carrots and broth before he left for work. When we got home, around 4 o’clock, it was simmering away nicely. Before we ate, I threw in some green beans and seasonings. I took out a portion for me and then added some cooked chopped potatoes and chopped tomatoes for everyone else. Stew was the perfect ending to a cold day and to a long trip! It’s good to be home!

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