My AIP Journey- Day 5

Day 4- January 4, 2015

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday. And I can’t always remember what I ate. Probably in part because I eat pretty similarly each day, they are just kind of running together. And it’s only day 5.  I do remember though that I made and awesome Pumpkin Chai Latte in the morning that was so good that I needed another one in the afternoon. Yes, needed. I will definitely get a recipe up for this lickety-split because you’ve got to try it. I also made a apple-pear crisp that was heavenly. I placed chopped apple and pears in a baking dish, drizzled with honey and cinnamon and topped with some shredded coconut. I added some coconut oil for a little fat then I baked it for about 20 minutes at 350. It was. so. good. Since I haven’t had any type of dessert or sweets for the last three days, except for maybe the pumpkin pie smoothie, this was such a treat. I’m definitely going to have to be careful how often I pull this one out. Also, jeesh! I’m such a weeny! I can only go three days without dessert!

Meals were the same drill of meat, veggies, olive oil. They were good, but obviously, I’m only excited about the dessert.


Day 5- January 5, 2015

Breakfast- I finished up some turkey sausage in the fridge that I cooked in a skillet along with some veggies- onion, cabbage, carrot, cilantro and drizzled olive oil on it. To be honest, I’m a tad bit tired of sausage for breakfast, but I will persevere. I had a grapefruit to finish it all off. The sweetness of the fruit helps me to feel satisfied. I feel like when I just eat sausage and veggies, I walk away still feeling hungry.


Snack- I made the Pumpkin Chai Latte that I’ve made for the last 4 or so days in a row. It’s freezing cold and snowy outside and I NEED this!  I hope you’ll try it!


Lunch- I kinda had to scrounge for lunch today.  I had a couple of leftover Applegate Farm chicken sausages. I cooked those in a skillet and threw in some of the spaghetti squash  I cooked yesterday along with some garlic. I cooked it up until nice and hot, doused it in olive oil and chowed down.  Because I only had a couple of sausages, I thought it might not fill me up, so I munched on some deli turkey meat while I was cooking. I felt pretty satisfied and had a grapefruit for dessert.

Snack- I’m finding that the mid afternoon is a really tough time for me. I’m really hungry and craving something sweet. I made the pear “crisp” again that I made yesterday. And another pumpkin chai latte. Probably too much sugar, but it was good. I am going to try a little harder to watch that sugar intake.  I promise. Also, I was going to limit myself to one cup of green tea a day and I’ve been drinking two. Don’t tell on me! (But I’m not going to promise to work on it.)

While I was snacking, I was perusing The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. If you’re dealing with chronic health issues, including autoimmunity, this book is amazing. It’s almost more like a textbook on healing from autoimmune disease, but not boring like your College Algebra textbook was back in the day. One neat feature is the Testimonials scattered throughout the book. I was reading Mickey Trescott’s testimonial and was overwhelmed by how much of her story is the same as mine. I could really relate.  It’s really helpful for me to hear about other people who have struggled with the same things I have- and overcome them. There was a time when I really thought there was just something wrong with me, and I didn’t know how to pull it together no matter how hard I tried. Finding out that issues like depression, fatigue and hair loss can actually be caused by diet- and reversed through diet, was life changing for me. Mickey is a veteran autoimmune blogger who blogs over at so definitely check out her site!

Dinner- I made chicken and dumplings for the fam and had the same soup minus the potatoes. And the dumplings. I added a tad more chicken to make it more filling. Again, doused it with olive oil. Maybe from here on out, you should just assume if it’s a savory dish, that I put olive oil on it. 🙂 This was turned out pretty good. I wished I had remembered to put some chopped spinach I had in the fridge into the soup. Oh well! Maybe next time.

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