My AIP Journey- Day 3

oMRKkMc4RSq7N91OZl0O_IMG_8309Despite not sleeping all that well, I woke up at 6 a.m., ready to start my day! I am telling you, pot roast is like a magic elixir! And guess what? There were leftovers for breakfast. 🙂

Day 3- January 3, 2015

Breakfast- I made my dee-licious healing soup this morning for breakfast from the leftover roast and whatever veggies I had in the fridge- leftover roast carrots, onion, garlic, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and seasoned with salt, pepper, ginger and thyme along with a sprinkling of parsley flakes. The more green the better! I had saved the juices from the roast and added some chicken broth. It was delicious! I probably ate more than I should, but hey, it’s soup. Oh, and of course a swirl of olive oil went on top. Yes, I really do pour olive oil on nearly everything I eat. Healthy Fats!

After breakfast, I felt really good! Good enough, in fact, to power clean the house. Well, the bathrooms at least. I actually felt pretty energetic, but had to remind myself not to get too carried away. I know from past experience that I can tend to overdo when I’m feeling good and pay for it later! I could feel my energy waning after getting some things done around the house, so I tried to relax and read a bit before lunch.

Snack- Pumpkin smoothie. For the third day in a row. Not tired of it yet, but that could become a possibility if I keep this up.

Lunch– I finished off the rest of the cabbage cilantro salad I made yesterday. It’s even better the next day because the veggies have had time to soak up the dressing and the flavor is better. Yum!

Snack– An hour or so after lunch I had a grapefruit. A couple of hours later I was hungry again. I ate a few slices of deli turkey meat and about half a pear. I had my one cup of tea I’m allowing myself each day in the late afternoon. It’s hard for me not to drink tea all day long, especially in the coldest part of winter.

Dinner- I baked a sweet potato and topped it with some seasoned ground beef (cumin, salt, pepper, parsley, garlic salt). Not sure cumin is AIP approved? I need to look that up. The sweet potato baked a tad too long and was nice and soft so I ended up kind of mashing up in a bowl with the beef. Topped with olive oil. It turned to out to be very satisfying, which was nice considering how hungry I was in the afternoon.

I went to bed earlier than usually and slept pretty well. I feel like I’m starting to adjust to the changes already. Still noticing some joint pain issues I have with my knees, but I think I’m definitely starting to feel better already!

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