The Energy Fix Program


It's Time to Give Fatigue, Brain Fog and Frump the Boot, Lady- And Start Living Life to the Full!

Would you like to trade your fatigue and foul moods for more energy and clear thinking- but you aren't sure how do you do it? If you're confused about what to eat for energy, how to get your mood under control and nix sugar cravings, fatigue and poor digestion, so you can get hormone healthy fast, this is the program for you!

In the Six Week Energy Fix Program, we'll dive straight in to the top ways you can really move the needle from exhausted to energetic and get yourself back to the vibrant, healthy woman you know you were meant to be. Are you ready?‚Äč

In the Six Week Energy Fix Program you will learn :

  • The top foods to eat for energy and what foods you definitely want to avoid if you hope to ditch foggy thinking and moodiness.
  • My 3 Step Process for balancing your hormones so you can regain your energy and start seeing results fast.
  • The biggest mistake most women make when trying to balance their hormones- and how you can avoid it!
  • A step-by-step action plan for pinpointing the root cause of your fatigue so you can eliminate exhaustion at the source!
  • How balancing your hormones is about much more than the foods you eat- and the steps that are essential to effortlessly feeling amazing and in control every day.

Meet Your Coach

Hey lady! I'm ready to work with you to help you get your health back on track so you can start feeling amazing as quickly as possible. As someone who has struggled with the fatigue and frustration of chronic health problems- from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis  and gut dysbiosis to depression, I can tell you from my own experience, your health is a valuable commodity you don't want to waste. If your are ready to stop feeling miserable, I'm ready to work with you to get things back on track.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a best-selling author, I've got the experience you need help you reset your health so you can start feeling amazing fast! 


In This Six Week Program You Will Get:

  • Weekly modules with step-by-step action plans to help you implement the steps you are learning towards better hormone balance and resetting your energy and your mood.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls designed to help answer your biggest questions about fixing your fatigue and implementing the program.
  • Email support for the duration of the six week program- get your questions answered so you can be confident you are progressing.
  • Private Facebook group where you can connect with other awesome women on the same journey with you to help keep you accountable, motivated and inspired!
  • BONUS: The Advanced Detox Support Guide. You simply can't balance your hormones if you aren't detoxing well. In this advanced guide I share my favorite techniques and tips to improve your detoxification pathways so you can spend the next six weeks feeling amazing- instead of frumpy, foggy and fatigued.

The Energy Fix is currently not open for enrollment. Click the button below to get on the wait list and you will be the first to know when it reopens!