Get a Vision for Your Life

Get a VisionEver have one of those pivotal moments in life that comes to define who you are as a person and set the course for the rest of your life?

I can remember one moment in particular for me that occurred almost a decade ago.  When my oldest daughter was three years old I decided to go back to work.  I applied for a part-time office job at the hospital and got an interview- score! Amongst the interview questions, I was asked this whopper: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

To be honest, the question totally caught me by surprise. Five years!?! I didn’t have a plan for five weeks. In fact, if I remember correctly I kind of laughed at the question and pretty much said I didn’t have a plan- I don’t know, I mean, be a good mom, have a job, be happy….

I cringe to admit it now, but I really didn’t have any sort of plan for my life beyond where I was at the moment.  Guess where I was in five years? I can sum it up like this: sick, broke, and unhappy.  (I like to think I had nailed the good mom part, though).

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so much of a pivotal moment as it was a lack of one. I should have realized, I don’t have a plan! Get it in gear, woman!

Finding myself in this miserable place five years later led to my second pivotal moment. In fact, I had this defining moment where I took an honest look at my life and realized I wasn’t happy with where I was at. I decided I was done with staying stuck and I would do whatever I needed to do to move forward.

I started listening to smart people like Zig Ziglar and Terri Savelle Foy who told me I needed to have a plan for my life if I wanted to actually get anywhere.  I needed to take that plan and set goals that could move me towards my desired destination.

So how do you get a vision for your life? Where do you start? Well, I’m glad you asked. I’m also happy to report that it’s much easier than you think.  In other words, don’t overthink this.

In Psalms 37:4 the scripture tells us that God gives us the desires of our heart. That doesn’t just mean He’ll give you whatever you want. What it’s really saying is that those desires you have in your heart? Yeah, God put those there.

Get a Vision for Your Future

So let’s do this! Get alone somewhere quiet with a notebook and pen.  You can take as little or as much time as you want. This process doesn’t have to take hours.  You could spend just 20 minutes.

Step number one is to dedicate this time to the Lord. Ask Him to show you what His vision and His purpose is for your life.   Then allow yourself to dream. Write down whatever comes up in your heart. Don’t censor yourself because you think the dream you have is too big- or too small.  If you can dream it, God can give you the means to achieve it.

Do you want to open an orphanage in Africa?

Do you want to become a best-selling author?

Do you want to travel throughout Europe? Take a cruise for you anniversary? Own your dream home?

Maybe you’d like to remodel your kitchen or buy a boat so you can have some adventures with the family.

Spend some time this week thinking about what you want to achieve with your life. Have fun with it. Don’t worry about how it’s going to come to pass. Just dream. You’re on your way!


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