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Please read these Term and Conditions carefully before using this website.   This website is owned by Michelle Brown operating under the business name OvercomingAuto (“Company,” “we,” or “us”). The term “you” herein used refers to any user of this website or anyone who purchases any products, programs or services provided by the Company.

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Risk and Liability

The information contained on this website and in any products, programs or services provided by the company is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, heal or prevent any illness. The information provided by the company is not intended as medical advice and has not been evaluated by the FDA.  By using the information provided by the company, you are assuming all risk and responsibility for your results. Results are not guaranteed.

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Intellectual Property Rights

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You will not copy, share or steal any products, programs or services either in whole or in part.

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You will not use the information on this website or in any programs, products or services sold on this website in a manner that constitutes infringement of our rights or in a manner that is not authorized by us.

You understand and agree that violating the terms set forth on this website constitute theft and we reserve the right to prosecute to the full extent of the law.

Your License to Us

Any comments, images, photos, videos or other materials that you post to this website or any other sites owned by the Company shall become the property of the company and may be used by the company in any way we choose.

We reserve the right to use any messages, comments, posts, images, photos or videos that you post to this website and any other site used and/or owned by the Company, including our facebook group in order to create marketing materials or as part of future programs or products, without compensation to you at any time.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of the programs, products and services will not be provided a refund unless specifically stated in the product terms and conditions.  Any inquiries about refunds should be sent to with the name of the program you are requesting a refund for and the amount of the refund requested. If a refund is granted, a refund will result in termination of use of the program, products or services and you will no longer be given access to these materials. 

If you choose to terminate your participation in any of our programs, services or products you may do so at any time. Please email to terminate your access to our programs and products.  No refund will be given for termination in a program, product or service unless the email is received within the timeframe stated in the refund policy specific to the product or service you purchased. This policy does not guarantee a refund and refunds will only be granted on a case by case basis and in accordance with the refund policy specifically stated for the product purchased.