Brain Circulation and Depression

Can you improve your mood by enhancing cerebral circulation?

Do you notice cold hands and feet? Brain fog? Do you have poor thyroid function or low blood pressure? This can be a clue to why you have a low mood.

Poor cerebral circulation is an often-overlooked reason for depression, brain fog, poor focus and memory as well as brain fatigue. But it can be simple to help support circulation to the brain and increase your mental energy and your mood!

Poor circulation means that blood isn't optimally reaching the brain. And that means that oxygen, fluid and nutrients aren't going to be adequately supplied to the brain as well.  Addressing cerebral circulation can be an important step to shift your mood and focus.

First, it's important to find out WHY you have poor circulation. This can be related to any number of causes, including low thyroid function, dysautonomia, poor adrenal function or other causes.  You'll want to assess these.

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to quickly improve circulation to your brain. One of the simplest things you can do is to move more.

Move Your Blood and Improve Your Brain

Movement will help to improve your circulation, including circulation to your brain. When you get your blood pumping, you'll help to push blood flow into the brain and increase the ability of the brain to take up nutrients and oxygen.

Movement doesn't have to be rigorous either. Simply take a walk for 5 to 10 minutes, do some jumping jacks or jump on a mini trampoline (my favorite way to get my blood moving). Even if you have limited mobility, just do something simple. 

Another technique to improve circulation and oxygen to the brain includes deep breathing. Experiment with breathing exercises like bellows breath or simply take several slow, deep breaths. 

Herbs for Brain Function

Finally, herbs can improve cerebral circulation. This is one of my favorite ways to enhance brain function, as herbs not only improve circulation, but provide other benefits to the brain, such as reducing inflammation, improving blood sugar regulation and more.

Some of my favorite herbs for improving brain circulation are nootropics. Nootropic herbs are those that enhance cognitive function and include herbs such as gotu kola, bacopa, ginkgo, and holy basil. These herbs have been shown to enhance cerebral circulation. I prefer to combine them with adaptogens such as Asian ginseng or American ginseng or rhodiola (although be cautious with rhodora as it can be too stimulating and drying for some people). 

A good, custom herbal formula for brain support can make a big difference in supporting cerebral circulation and enhancing other factors that impact brain health and improve mood, mental function and focus.