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Herbs That Increase Anxiety

Herbs That Can Increase AnxietyCan choosing the wrong herb increase anxiety in some people? As a trauma-informed herbalist and holistic mental health expert, I’m passionate about helping people learn how to use herbal medicine to support their mood. Herbs are one of the most powerful tools available to help regulate the nervous system, shift your […]

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Food Sensitivities and Fatigue

 Does any of this sound familiar? You find that you get frequent migraines for no apparent reason. Or you experience embarrassing gas and bloating after meals.  Maybe you have eczema, unexplained rashes or acne (and you’re definitely not a teenager anymore!) And let’s not forget about fatigue. Not just the kind of fatigue you might […]

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Vitamin B12 for Thyroid, Adrenal and Mood Support

It’s no secret that mood issues like depression and anxiety often accompany thyroid problems.  In fact, studies have confirmed a strong link between autoimmune thyroid antibodies and depression. (1) I can certainly attest that depression was a constant companion for me while I was in the throes of thyroid dysfunction.  I often felt angry and overwhelmed […]

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