About Me

Michelle Brown, FNLP

Hey, lady! Are you SO done with the fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety and hormone imbalance? Are you ready to take a natural +  holistic approach to getting your energy back and mood back on track? Then you're in the right place!

I talk to women every day who are struggling with exhaustion, irritability, foggy thinking, and total confusion about how to get their mood under control so they can feel like themselves again. They really want to feel energetic, happy, and in control of their emotions- but they have no idea how to get there. I think women deserve more than spending their lives in a black hole of anxiety, hormone imbalance and unending exhaustion, don't you?

After spending years struggling with my own thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue, I got frustrated with the lack of answers. I spent most of my teens and my entire twenties struggling with fatigue, poor digestion, skin issues and depression.  I remember thinking, "I never feel well."  I certainly wasn't getting any answers from my doctor about how to fix my thyroid fatigue, hair loss, or the anxiety and depression I was experiencing.

I felt utterly hopeless- until one day, I stumbled upon some information on the internet (gotta love the internet, right?) about how I could get my thyroid issues under control with the right diet and lifestyle changes- that were totally doable! I finally had hope that things could be different!

So, I changed my diet. I ditched sugar, grains and dairy.  I prioritized sleep and relaxation. I let go of the guilt of who I thought I was supposed to be. And I felt amazing!

I knew there were other women out there who needed to know that their health wasn't outside of their control either. So I went back to school and became a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) with a passion and a mission to help other exhausted and frustrated women understand what it really takes to get to the root of their health struggles so they can finally give the boot to the fatigue and frustration of thyroid imbalance and be the vibrant moms they were meant to be.

As the author of the best-selling book, Energy Reset: Remove the Toxins, Reset Your Hormones, Restore Your Energy,  I've had the privilege of connecting with women everywhere and helping them connect the dots between their mood and hormone health and the toxins in our food, cosmetics and homes that are leaving us ladies exhausted, moody and irritable.

As the mom of three sweet kiddos, I'm also on a mission to help make the world a safer and toxin-free place for our children, so they don't have to succumb to the same hormone-wrecking toxin overload that derailed my own hormone health.  I love setting an example of healthy, wholesome living with my kids. I consider it one of my greatest accomplishments when I overhear one of my kids tell their siblings that we don't eat certain foods  or use certain products because of the "chemicals" in them 🙂

Me and my peeps...

I've made it my mission to help women understand the bigger picture of hormone imbalance and toxic overload so they can ditch the quick-fix mentality and starting living a life of balance and become the vibrant women they were meant to be. 

I want you to know that: 

  • You were meant to live a life of abundant health, wholeness and joy.
  • You have more control over your health- and your hormones- than you know, and it's totally within your power to be the vibrant woman you were meant to be.
  • You are an inspiring holistic wellness seeker with a mission to fulfill that requires great health and clear thinking.

If you're ready to get your mood and your energy back on track, check out my free Mood Reset Masterclass below. I can't wait to share with you my 3-part framework to reset your mood with proven, natural support that really works!

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