Does Fixing Your Fatigue Feel Overwhelming?

Let's Change That!


The hormone healthy 10 day action guide

Hey, Momma! Are you so done with the fatigue, the frump and the fog of hormone imbalance? Are you ready to take the steps towards real change and start feeling amazing again? Are you feeling confused about what to do to finally feel healthy and regain your energy?

I get it. I used to struggle with fatigue, irritability and foggy thinking every day, and it seemed like no matter what I did, I never felt better. I read every blog, all the books and followed the experts. And I was still tired.

I finally realized I needed to quit trying to look for a quick fix and take a systematic, proven approach to resetting my hormones.   I created the Hormone Healthy 10 Day Action Guide to help you take the right steps towards better hormone health so you can reset your energy, your mood, your period, and your waistline!

the Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Have you experienced any of these signs of hormone imbalance in the last six months?​

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog, forgetfulness
  • Irritability, mood swings, PMS
  • Heavy, painful and/or irregular periods
  • Fibroids, cysts
  • Sugar cravings
  • Weight gain, difficulty losing weight
  • Migraines, headaches
  • Skin issues, including acne

    Sound Familiar?

Michelle Brown, CTNC

I talk to so many women who are exhausted, miserable and overwhelmed. They want to feel better, but they aren't sure where to start and they haven't found anything that really seems to improve their energy, their mood, or their outlook on life.

When I ask what they've tried, I find out that they've implemented a few changes to their diet and life- they've tried some supplements or started eating better, for example. Yet, they're still miserable because they are only focusing on one piece of the puzzle and they don't realize that fixing your thyroid and resetting your energy requires you to take a look at the bigger picture.

While small, positive changes are a big step in the right direction, they have to be done in a synergistic and systematic way in order to see the improvement you truly desire in your energy level and mood.  It's why I created The 10 Day Hormone Healthy Action Guide. I've put together the best steps you can take today to start improving your energy, fixing your thyroid and improving your adrenal function.

The Hormone Healthy 10 Day Action Guide gives you a clear plan to start bringing your hormones back into balance so you can get on with your life and feel balanced, mentally and physically.  With powerful, yet simple to implement daily actions,  the Action Guide makes shifting your hormones back into line a cinch!

From Information to Action

It's time to take your hormone health back! You deserve more than spending your life in a constant state of exhaustion, depression, miserable periods, and moodiness.

The Hormone Healthy 10 Day Action Guide addresses key lifestyle areas that will shift your hormones back into balance naturally.  

If you're ready to say goodbye to fatigue, bloating, PMS, brain fog, and miserable moods for good, this action guide will lead you through the most important steps you can take to start laying a foundation of lifelong hormone balance.​


Your 10 day hormone healthy action guide includes

When you purchase the 10 Day Hormone Healthy Action Guide, you will also get these awesome bonuses

Your Personalized Action Plan PDF

It's called an Action Guide for a reason, girlfriend! The only way to get your hormones back in balance is to take action. Use the Personalized Daily Action Plan PDF to keep your daily actions at a glance so you can easily refer to your plan when needed.

bonus audio: understanding hormone imbalance

Hormones can be so confusing. If you're wondering whether or not your fatigue, forgetfulness and irritability are related to a hormone imbalance, this bonus audio teaching will clear it all up. Plus, learn what it really takes to balance your hormones naturally and step into the vibrant, healthy woman you were meant to be!

quiz: pinpoint your imbalance

Understanding your particular imbalance is key to improving your hormone health. This Quiz helps you quickly and easily identify the signs of imbalance and pinpoint your hormone problems so you know the right actions to take to get your health back on track with ease.

Here's What You Can Expect From the 10 Day Hormone Healthy Action Guide:

  • Each daily action is explained in detail as to how and why it impacts your hormones, so you know that you are taking simple- yet significant- action towards better hormone balance.
  • Daily Actions are easy to implement, inexpensive and perfect for busy women who need a clear plan to fix their fatigue, irritability and brain fog.  From fixing your sleep to dialing in nutrient deficiencies, The 10 Day Hormone Healthy Action Guide will give you the simple steps you need to follow to start feeling better and see real change in your energy levels and mood.
  • You'll pinpoint your own imbalance quickly and easily so you can find a targeted solution to your personal hormone imbalance.
  • You can expect to see significant improvement in your energy levels, your mood, and your mental clarity- and start moving towards a healthy weight, better skin and improved digestion- for life!

You Don't Need More Information- You Need A Plan!

If you're tired of trying one thing after another to regain your energy, and feel mentally alert and focused, yet nothing seems to work, it's time to get a plan in place to truly bring your hormones back into balance, once and for all.  Stop looking for quick fixes and start putting the right actions into place to truly understand and correct the root cause of your hormone imbalance.

If yo​u're so done with wondering what you can do to balance your hormones and ditch the fatigue, frump and brain fog, grab the 10 Day Hormone Healthy Action Guide. With proven and systematic actions to bring balance back to your life- and your hormones- this is your chance to start feeling like yourself again!

10 Days to Transformation

The good news is, the Hormone Healthy Daily Action Guide is packed with the most powerful actions you can take TODAY to reset your hormones. Yet, these actions are easy to implement, won't cost you hundreds of dollars in expensive supplements or take up all of your time. I designed the daily action guide for busy women like you, who don't need a lot of fluff or empty promises pushed on them. Each action is designed to get you the results you want and bring your hormones back into a state of balance.

You deserve to feel energetic, balanced and beautiful.  What are you waiting for? ​

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